Hydrargyrum's dragon cave

Please send me a PM if you'd like to request something or arrange a trade. I breed most of my dragons on request!

Also, please check out the lovely dragons on my sidebar to see my dragon request, the arcane rune dragon. Currently on hiatus.

Holiday Lineages
Here are links to the spreadsheets with my holidays. I mostly have checkers (including many alternating checkers), and a few purebreds. My CB holidays start at Shadow Walkers.

Halloween list

Christmas and Valentine list

Pretty planned lineages of any breed (especially golden wyverns and xenowyrms). I love seeing new and unique patterns! I'm particularly interested in continuing any checkers or purebred lineages I've already started (especially my purebred golden wyvern lineage).

CB gold, especially female

Halloween mates:
3rd gen teimarr/male shadow walker

Christmas mates:
2nd gen silver from yulebuck
3rd gen mistletoe/black tea alternating checker

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